Time to Check out the Reich...stag

Berlin Day 4

Today we went to see the centre of the third Reich.... I mean Bundestag.... those can get confused right? (In reality it is close).

After a thorough check we were lead to a waiting area. Mind you we had to make a reservation to even come into the building.

Mother and sister walking to our waiting area in the Reichstag.

After a detailed explanation of the Reichstag building and its long history we were lead to through the halls of this Iconic building. 

Having been renovated multiple times since the 1940s the building had a distinctly modern flavour to it. Yet, as an testament to it's rich history the inner halls had a treat.

Soviet soldiers charcoal writing in the 1945 structure now preserved forever.

Along some of the inner halls stood alcoves and entire archways full of original stonework. These stones had history written across them in cerilic. In 1945 after three days of fighting Soviet soldiers  took Berlin. Upon storming the Reichstag, the soldiers grabbed Charcoal and inscribed anything they could think of. This was truly awesome to see.

The "Fat Chicken"

Each box if for a democratically elected member of the German Bundestag. The black box if the the 12 years of Nazi rule.

Air duct into the Council room.

Mirror spire in the glass dome that sits atop the Reichstag and directly above the picture prior.

Brought the tilt shift all this way so I might as well use it.

More shift

German flag flying proud

Front of the stag

Metro Reflection.

We got hungry so it was time to find some dinner

New kicks

Berliner Bike

I swear on me mum ....

TV tower Tilt Shift

More tomorrow