Seeing History - It's Preservation and Destruction

Berlin Day 4

The day started out with some early internet time at a local coffee shop

Getting ready for the day.

Today would be a museum day. 

On our way we say the aftermath of a collision. Inevitable with Berlin's Busy Streets

Damaged Golf

Cyclist being prepared for transport.

People watching a people watcher.

PS3 game ad turned street art?

There were some lines to get through before we could see the muesums

Audio guide with pictures.

Mom being a good sport by being the pedestal.

Cast bull's mask

Part of Lunch 

After the museums and lunch I witnessed a saddening sight.

The Westin Grand Berlin seems to have purchased a slab of the wall and have stood it outside the front door. Seeing as I love history and the fact that the wall itself represents so many things when I saw a couple being given chisels and hammers to get "their part of the wall" it disturbed me. How do people think this is alright? I know that this has ben happening for ages, it seem that our societies today are overly focused and the new allowing for the past to be too easily eroded away. Eroded or packed in your suitcase, one or the other.

Ruining History one Hammer Blow at a Time.

One sweet bike

Had some great light

After dinner we went looking for a Beer Garden.

Nice kicks

Vested old couple

Fountain at night. 

TV tower at night

It was then time to go pack for Cologne the next day