Berlin Gets Weird Quickly

Berlin Day 2

Day 2 started with a very German breakfast

All the sausage

Seeing as it was my first full day in Berlin, I decided to try finding my dream Leica. 

The pissed off Berlin Baby

Modern German transportation

We used the train to make our way around camera hunting.

First Berlin Metro station

Nollendorfplatz - Great name

Finding where you are seems to be a common pastime.

Finding where you are seems to be a common pastime.

At our first location, the Metro access was at one side of a very nice plaza/fountain.

The first shop had just recently bought a mint M3 just an hour earlier, sadly it would not be for sale as the owner of the store would be keeping it. This news was disheartening to say the least.

We got back on the train and headed to the second location.

Back to the U

The second store I was interesting to say the least

The second store was interesting to say the least. It could have been mistaken for a cigar humidor if you had to judge from the smell. They also, did not have an Leica.

The working Berliners

Waiting in the train.

At a station.

While we were waiting one time at a station on our way back for our unsuccessful hunt my Zeiss 35 2.8 lens hood decided to stop being one solid piece and is now two basically useless pieces. This from a $1000 lens. Awesome.

Great build quality Zeiss.

Cool wall art across from the a train station.

We headed back to the hotel with no luck on the Leica front . When we came out of the hotel we stubbled upon a forming protest.

We found out that it was an Anti-Fashion protest. I decided to follow it along its march for a bit seeing as we had little to do.

This is when I learned that Berlin gets weird quickly.

Let Kids Play Not Work All Day

Let Kids Play Not Work All Day

Love the video rig

Older gent looks on as the rally forms

There was plenty to photograph. 

Some people where more popular than others.

Nice epic pose

Pumping tunes


Chops and chains

The costumes where interesting to say the least.


Police escorted the rally as it went up Freidrichstrafze

The Police where not very impressed.

If you have been following my trip thus far, you know that I have been searching for a film Leica setup. The search has been tedious and ultimately has brought me to the conclusion that there are not many, if any Leica cameras for sale in Berlin. Life can be so cruel sometimes. In this case, it drops in my path this individual, who has slung over his shoulder a Leica M ($7,000 USD) with a Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux M Aspherical ($4,000 USD) to take photographs with his iPhone 4. 

At least he's fashion forward with the collar right?

It was painful to see this. 

The offender from a different angle.

Dancing with a bubble wand around your neck.

The crowd got bigger and bigger as the rally continued down the street.

Multiple Vehicles (?) participated.

Edgy as fuck 

Admittedly one of the coolest getups around.

After a speech was given I headed off to dinner with the family. 

More schnitzel 

World Cup game tomorrow.