I Swear, I'm not a foodie....

It was a lazy day, some beach time and home cookings.

All of which  was followed by a great meal.

For breakfast, I guess it would be lunch, my sister decided to cook up Chow mein.

Broccoli heads cut small.

Carrots, pealed.

Oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Add noodles


Final product.



After a stint at the beach, shower and relaxation, we went off to dinner.

Dinner was at Morimoto Maui. One of the restaurants in the new Andaz Hotel.


On the walk in

Art... I think ?

The setting sun made for very nice colouring and silhouette 

Seeing as it was a very nice night, we where seated outside.

Menu, full of many good things.

Very slippery chop sticks 

To start we ordered the best Gyoza on the planet, an assortment of Sushi, and Japanese Tacos.

Six pork belly gyoza in a bacon foam, on top of a rustic tomato sauce.

One. Single. Gyoza.

Some fish on rice.... I'm not a seafood guy.

Hamachi Tacos

The main course consisted of some rolls for the family.

For me, an 8oz Tajima Wagyu Filet, medium rare, on a hot skillet.

I tried the Tamago (omelette) sushi, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. 

Tower of Tajima Wagyu Filet

Cooked to perfection.

The steak was perfection, It cut like butter and melted in the mouth.

Following this delicious steak we decided to split some desserts. We indulged in Caramelized ganache with cuban red bananas and lilikoi. In addition we tried the doughnuts, plain sugared doghnuts accompanied buy three dipping sauces: waialua chocolate, sake caramel, ‘apple banana’ cheesecake.

Caramelized ganache, cuban red bananas, lilikoi

Caramelized ganache, cuban red bananas, lilikoi from above.

Doughnuts at the waiting

The dip.

We left Morimoto's stuffed and satisfied as always and headed home for the night.

Hollow string balls hang over reception on the way out.