First day, Out and about.

As the next day began, we were in serious lack of any breakfast foods.  As we were waiting on the instillation of a new refrigerator, Eiro and I popped into Kihei for a quick bite of noon.

Arizona Green Tea with some ever so classy glassware.

After enjoying a chicken quesadilla for breakfast and completely forgetting to photograph it we went on to get Eiro Henna at the shop nearby. 

After falsely tattooing herself for the grand sum of $25.00 we headed home for sometime to relax. 

Spiders. Everywhere.

I spent my afternoon furthering my "People of Maui" series. I returned in time for the first sunset of my trip. 

Roads lead everywhere.

A sunset lacking sun.

Sadly, the sunset on this night left something to be desired, mainly a sun.

We headed off to Tommy Bahamas (yes they have a restaurant) for a bite that night. We dug into the delicious house bread and barbecued artichoke for starters. Followed by a delectable rack of ribs (not pictured here)

Something about the butter is amazing.

Artichoke halved and served for your enjoyment.

From this we headed straight home for some needed rest.