A Disappointing Dinner

This will be a short entry as I spent my day fiddling with film instead of digital.

After a long day of walking around and fixing things about the house we went out for dinner to a restaurant we had not attended previously. Matteo's Osteria is located in a secluded area of Wailea Town Centre. It brands itself off of being an romantic italian restaurant.

Ultimately it was highly disappointing.

Water, the annoying fountain behind it lit the bottle well.

After being told the wifi was "off-limits" to the public, I chose to have my favorite italian dishes. A Caprese Salad and Spaghetti Bolognese. 

On their arrival the Caprese was quite short of fantastic. It consisted of a grand sum of four slices of tomato, three millimetres thick per piece. Paired with this came three slices of Buffalo mozzarella, equally as small. 

None of this lasted long enough for a photograph but the copious amounts of arugula did.

The smallest salad, in the world.

The Spaghetti the came after was adequately proportioned, though what it gained in mass it did not necessarily gain in quality. (not pictured) 

Quickly, we wrapped up our meal and left before any over priced and under portioned dessert could be placed at our table.

We headed off to Long's Drugs to grab some mustard and some film prints I had waiting.  

Long's in the evening.

This would end our night out. We returned to start watching Monuments Men and to get some rest.


Till tomorrow.