Bye Hawaii, Bye Bye

Hawaii had been good to us. We always love the islands and cant wait to get back. My last day on island began with a Trip to Kihei to burn through my loaded film.

Net fishing

He caught a pretty large fish with this one throw

It was a very windy day

The bag full of toys

I took a quick trip to Kahului for some soap and lunch.

Local Bulk Soap

Soap from above

Orange Chicken + Gyoza

Kahului was wet

Upon my speedy return it was time to pack

All the camera gear

After a shower and finalizing our bags we headed to dinner

Monkey Pod is a local restaurant we usually frequent often

Many choices 

Thinking hard about the menu we've seen many many MANY times.

Pulled pork ! Delicious 

After our meal we headed off to the Airport.

Waiting in line.

Soon we landed in L.A.

Waiting to disembark

After a long flight we where all a little dishevelled and tired, well some of us...

Way too happy....

Flight Check

We then went through the maze that is LAX, on the search for our terminal and food.

The way down

A very cool building

LA cops cars look less mean than Calgary cars.... That's saying something.

On the transfer bus

Many things are happening it at LAX it seems.

We finally found breakfast. It was good.

BK Breakfast, the juice makes it health.

Munching done on Starbucks 

I don't love L.A. at this time in the morning.

Sun coming up over the horizon. 


We boarded our light and immediately it sucked. I can tell you that Air Canada Rouge is one of the most ridiculous companies to spring up as of late.... 

This isn't my image, only used to highlight their idiotic uniforms.....

Packed in like sardines we headed home.

Lets go shred

Little clouds all about.

Guess R 7-4-5 is good.

We cleared customs and headed on home.