Eggs, Ektar, and some German Countryside.

We started our day early with a breakfast of Ektar and eggs. Afterwards we packed into a rental car and headed for the  town of Deidesheim in the German countryside.

Leica with some film I picked up that morning. 

Deidesheim Hof Hotel

After some lunch I headed off to the German photography museum, in this town of 4,000  

There were some great cameras here.

The Leica display was something to drool over.

Their Cinematography section was highly impressive. 

Some cine Cameras

Lots of film types

I heard you like lenses 

What I would give to have these around still.

The prices astound me

Wish these stocks were still in production.

Later that night we went for dinner and a walk around town. 

My sister being mature.

Entrance to a restaurant.

Deidesheim is truly picturesque. More to come