Auf wiedersehen Berlin

My stay in Berlin was at a close, it was now time to head off to Cologne. Cologne or Köln is Germany's third largest city. It promised much gothic architecture and new Camera shops for the Leica hunt to continue.

Berlin Hauptbanhof entrance. Quite the building

Seeing as it was lunch I had to grab a some authentic Berliner food. First of many currywursts.


Slight drama on the platform. Seizure I think

Lunch !

If you ever have the ability to travel by train in Europe, do it. By far the best mode of transport.

The Excelsior in Cologne

The Cologne Cathedral took 600 years to build.

Naturally I went Camera Hunting immediately after getting the bags to the room. I mapped out the local stores and hit the streets looking for my Leica.

That gold Leica. Too bad its an R

Some of the stores were memorable to say the least.

Eventually I came upon Foto Gregor, a great store with a massive used department.

Foto Gregor store front.

All the gold cameras.

In Foto Gregor I found some great Leica specimens and decided to take the night to think about them.

The Hungarian with his bike

This gent didn't speak a word of English but I offered to help him out with a picture, his ancient Pentax  wasn't cutting it so I took one with my own camera and gave him my card. He sent me an email so he can get this shot of him and his bike. Nice meeting you Mr. Eastern Bloc.

Oh young folk.

Great mobile piano platform

It was time to sleep and think about the Leicas I had seen. Maybe I'll buy one tomorrow.

Köln Cathedral at dusk