Bye Hawaii, Bye Bye

Hawaii had been good to us. We always love the islands and cant wait to get back. My last day on island began with a Trip to Kihei to burn through my loaded film.

Net fishing

He caught a pretty large fish with this one throw

It was a very windy day

The bag full of toys

I took a quick trip to Kahului for some soap and lunch.

Local Bulk Soap

Soap from above

Orange Chicken + Gyoza

Kahului was wet

Upon my speedy return it was time to pack

All the camera gear

After a shower and finalizing our bags we headed to dinner

Monkey Pod is a local restaurant we usually frequent often

Many choices 

Thinking hard about the menu we've seen many many MANY times.

Pulled pork ! Delicious 

After our meal we headed off to the Airport.

Waiting in line.

Soon we landed in L.A.

Waiting to disembark

After a long flight we where all a little dishevelled and tired, well some of us...

Way too happy....

Flight Check

We then went through the maze that is LAX, on the search for our terminal and food.

The way down

A very cool building

LA cops cars look less mean than Calgary cars.... That's saying something.

On the transfer bus

Many things are happening it at LAX it seems.

We finally found breakfast. It was good.

BK Breakfast, the juice makes it health.

Munching done on Starbucks 

I don't love L.A. at this time in the morning.

Sun coming up over the horizon. 


We boarded our light and immediately it sucked. I can tell you that Air Canada Rouge is one of the most ridiculous companies to spring up as of late.... 

This isn't my image, only used to highlight their idiotic uniforms.....

Packed in like sardines we headed home.

Lets go shred

Little clouds all about.

Guess R 7-4-5 is good.

We cleared customs and headed on home.

Happy Mothers Day !

Mother's Day fell on our second last day in paradise (cleverly planned by a certain person I do believe). I spent the day with my Mom and family going around fulfilling her every wish, basically. 

We we started off at the Shops at Wailea for a little early morning shopping.


Hats in Gucci 

Hats in Gucci 



 After popping into a couple of shops, she settled on Tiffany & co.

Little Cakes 

Little Cakes 


Sister modelling the cake

Sister modelling the cake


 They were delicious.

Tiffany charms 

Tiffany charms 

Mom eventually decided on a very beautiful ring. Which was warped with much precision.

The wrapping was meticulous. 

The wrapping was meticulous. 



Mom was very pleased with her gift, feeling a bit famished, we headed to lunch.

NY steak sandwich. 

NY steak sandwich. 

After lunch even I got some shopping done.

Billabong severed me well

Billabong severed me well

We went home for some light packing, relaxing, and ended the day with watching the sunset from Chang's Beach.


Walk done to the beach. 

Walk done to the beach. 

Chang's from the path.

Chang's from the path.

Everyone in a our colourful chairs.

Everyone in a our colourful chairs.

We had a spectacular view for our last night.

Testing the Panorama function on the A7r

Testing the Panorama function on the A7r

We headed home for dinner. More tomorrow. 

Lavender Farm in the Rain

Heading off at noon we decided to go up the Mountain to the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm for a quick peak. 

After indulging in a quick bite at the South Shore Tiki Lounge we proceeded up the mountain.

A small part of the farm

Upon arriving at the farm it was clear to us that there was no real hope for any sun this day. Clouds covered everything and rain was spitting down.


Seeing as the lavender had recently been harvested I took sometime photographing the many flowers on the farm

Big flower covered in rain.


Pretty and pink

Bulb, I can only imagine it become significantly larger.

We then checked out the quaint shop on the farm.

Wreath at the front door.

Lavaender Honey Scrum

We strolled over to the feilds

Endless mounds.

Quick family shot, My sister decided to layer.

Van collecting rain

Mom showing her piece of lavender

Eventually the sun came out and we were treated to a very nice sunset to end the day.

Streaks peaking out 

Sunset from out Condo.

'Iao Valley and Pie

Having been to Maui often, many of the activities that are on the island we've done once or twice before. Today we went to a new place, 'Iao Valley in 'Iao State Park (pronounced like you've been pinched). Hidden in the West mountains of Maui, the 'Iao Valley is a practical Eden, vegetation covered everything it could.

The road into the park was great, covered in green with great sweeping curves into the valley.

The terrain in the valley was stunning, Grand mountains towering over everything with shear drops on every end.


When we got up to the parking we were met with some very large tour busses, packed full of vacationers, the walk up the valley was a bit busy.

Thanks Polynesian tours.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing forest.

All things come to light.

After reaching the top I busted through 2 rolls of Velvia and then we returned to the car. On the way back down the valley, we noticed a set of very beautiful gardens on the side of the road. Upon further inquiry we realized that we had stumbled on the Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens. The area included a multitude of Ethnic gardens. The most notable of these was the Japanses and Korean gardens.

Entrance to the Japanese Garden

Dr. Sen Yat-Sen, Father of the Republic of China. I don't know why it was placed in the Japanese gardens but it was.

Mom over a river of water lilies

In the words of lil Jon, get low.

Green, everywhere.

Trying out a new perspective.

It was a peaceful place with beautiful colors

Monument commemorating the arrival of Japanese Immigrants. 

I then headed over to the Korean Garden.

Main Entrance 

Hanok to the left

Another view

In the centre of the compound there was a massive Banyan tree.

Thicker Roots 

The tree can be seen in the background. This flower was growing from the Portuguese gardens 

Roots on the way down.

I then headed over to see the portuguese garden

Almost Festa time

Neglected slightly, the fountain brought with it a sense of age.

The walk into the Portuguese gardens 

The centre piece 

After exploring these gardens we were famished, so we went for some lunch.

Heading towards Lahaina

We decided to go to Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop for lunch, and naturally, pie.

Leoda's burger (chicken breast in lue of beef) topped with fresh veg.

Stacked and ready to eat.

Very, very good pie. Banana cream naturally.

Pie before being ravaged.

After pie, we stopped by a light beacon at the edge of the water for some fresh air and a great view.

Light beacon.

Looking down.

Very dynamic terrain.

Our Ford Explorer has served us quite well so far.

We headed back for the night

A Day Spent Shooting is a Day Spent Well

Today I decided to spend my day shooting whatever I came across. It was a digital and analog day. I can think of few better ways to spend your days here.

My day began with breakfast, once again, at Maui Taco in Kihei.

I think there's something in the water... or fish ?

This time, with my sister and mother, we all indulged in some local Mexican foods.

Arizona, again.

Pulled Pork Quesadilla.

After some of the best Pulled Pork Quesadillas I have ever had we continued on with our days. My mother and sister went to the beach whilst I went for my photographs.

Near our Condo, I had noticed a small church on a small side road which I decided to explore. 

Church walkway entry. 

I parked my Ford Edge, which on a side note is an atrocious vehicle, and walked onto the property.

Keawaka'i Church in Makena

The Keawaka'i Church in Makena has stood since the mid 1800s. Today the church still hold services and contains a modest cemetery. 

From the Church I drove into the Kihei area and started to walk the beachfront for people to photograph.

Dangerous shorebreak.

An old asian man, just watching.....

An old asian man, just watching.....

As I walked the beachfront I came across an elderly gentleman with a Sony point-and-shoot looking towards the Beach. I then noticed his camera was zoomed in to the maximum. 

After walking a little past him I observed that he was focusing on a set of 20yr olds on the beach, mostly women. Not wanting to make a fuss I continued on my way down the path.

Mother daughter swings.

Being a Saturday, families were littered through the park.

Dog toy 

At a point I got to volleyball court where I was allowed to take some shots of the game.




Game over.

The Game ended and I headed home. The RZ starts to weigh on you after a couple hours in 32°C. My time in the park was well enjoyed.


After a drive to the Airport to pick up my father we headed home for some grub. My sister had spent her time cooking a "one-pot" pasta. One pot, everything goes in it. 

It was delicious !

One pot pasta with mushrooms.

To finish the meal we enjoyed some Mint Oreo ice cream with fruit, served in a wine glass for some odd reason. Never the less, a great home meal.

Great treat.

That would be the end for Saturday, more photographs in the days to come.

First day, Out and about.

As the next day began, we were in serious lack of any breakfast foods.  As we were waiting on the instillation of a new refrigerator, Eiro and I popped into Kihei for a quick bite of noon.

Arizona Green Tea with some ever so classy glassware.

After enjoying a chicken quesadilla for breakfast and completely forgetting to photograph it we went on to get Eiro Henna at the shop nearby. 

After falsely tattooing herself for the grand sum of $25.00 we headed home for sometime to relax. 

Spiders. Everywhere.

I spent my afternoon furthering my "People of Maui" series. I returned in time for the first sunset of my trip. 

Roads lead everywhere.

A sunset lacking sun.

Sadly, the sunset on this night left something to be desired, mainly a sun.

We headed off to Tommy Bahamas (yes they have a restaurant) for a bite that night. We dug into the delicious house bread and barbecued artichoke for starters. Followed by a delectable rack of ribs (not pictured here)

Something about the butter is amazing.

Artichoke halved and served for your enjoyment.

From this we headed straight home for some needed rest.