Not your Average Lake District

After Zagreb we headed off the Plitvice lakes. Croatia's premiere (and only?) lake district. We had seen images of the area before, Nothing could have prepared us for what was to come.

View from the top. 

Heavy rains the night before made for a very interesting (and wet) time.

Crisp and Clear water.

 Wide spread flooding at the lakes made my mother and sister turn back at a point. My father and I proceeded further into the district. The shear beauty we saw after was completely. 

Lake spilling over onto the pathway.

The colours were special

The Lake flooding made for some beautiful images.

The overcast day brought very nice light

These pathways snaked all through the lake area.

Plitvice lake district was stunning and a treat to see. Afterwards we headed off to Split some time in the sun.

Beautiful sunset in Split.